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Ace To Five

In a low limit game, ace to five refers to a rule that flushes and straights are not counted and the ace can be utilized as a low value card.

Advanced Concepts of Poker

The tactics, concepts and strategies that are utilized by a good player to win the maximum possible money from the other players.

Bad Beat

A player has to loose in order to get the bad beat bonus. It generally happens in situations where the player looses but is the big favorite. It could also occur in cases where casinos offer special bonuses for certain kinds of bad beats.

Color Up

A player would generally exchange his/her chips in exchange of chips that are of a greater value to reduce the number of chips that are present on the table.

Dead Man's Hand

These are generally two pairs, aces as well as eights. At times this could also be full house, jacks and eights and aces and eights.

Feeble Phoebe

It is similar to Hollywood, but the cards on the table would be turned over two at one time and would be played for a low and a high.

Gambler's Last Charge

This is a game which is played with five cards and five table cards, the last card that is turned up would be wild when it matches in a player’s hand.

High Spade in Hole

This is a seven card stud game in which the high spade in the hand in the hole would divide the pot with the high hand.


(1) The letter or the numbers that are printed on the cards. (2) The marks put on the edge of the cards by a cheater.

Jack and Back

This is a jackpot poker game that would revert to low ball if on player opens.


A game where a player would place an extra bet that would cause the betting limit to go higher for that hand.

Luminous Readers

Cards that are marked by cheating players with a special ink that can be seen through special glasses or lenses.

Marked Cards

Cards that have suspicious marks that would allow cheating players to read them.

New Guinea Stud

Seven card stud that starts with four cards placed face down, which follows with rolling or turning up two cards.


a seven card stud that has two hole cards in the hand and five cards on the table that are turned up at once.

Titan Poker
Bonus: 50%, Match up to $200
Carbon Poker
Bonus: 100%, Match up to $500
Players Only
Bonus: 100%, Match up to $650
Bouns: 100%, Match up to $50
Full Tilt
Bonus: 100%, Match up to $600