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The Essential List of Tells to Remember When at the Poker Table

How can a poker tell simply be defined? Many people have great potential when it comes to winning poker games using tips and online bonus codes. It is any behavioral trait of a player that provides hints to others at the table regarding your hand. Following are the few important points suggested by professional players at PokerTop10 that are very useful. IN the poker game, there are numerous exceptions and contradictions to the regulations, and the pros are there to give false tells to the novices.

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1.    Watching eyes

Eyes rarely do lie, due to this reason many pros sport sunglasses and caps. Big hole cards will always be looked at with a prolonged stare; also when there are chances of stealing pots, the eyes can look to the left to read the actions of the other players who are on verge of taking some actions. Moreover, you may be asked questions by some player, and it is not at all easy to look straight into one’s eyes by being dishonest.

2.    The facial expressions

The professional players tend to fox the other players by sporting caps and looking at downward direction – the classic stare for which they are well know in the poker world. They will easily detect your facial expressions and physical movement when your hand is weak or strong and will outplay you.

3.    Strong is weak and the reverse

It is a very simple bluffing tactic, like if one’s hand is not good, he will act as if he is on top of his game such as by putting a broad smile and if he is having a strong hand he will try to appear sad by keeping a hand on his forehand.

4.    Anxiety

It is basically a ‘fight or flight’ response of the stimulus that can be dated back to the ancient time when humans lived in caves. The player who has a strong hand does appear to show certain traits like speaking loud, or looking calm and those with weak hands can palpitate or show some sort of restlessness. But yes, one has to look out for the cases of bluffs too.

5.    The trembling hands

It is also a result of anxiety, so keep a watch that which player is suffering from trembling hands due to nervousness.

6.    The glance at chips

It is related with the movement of the eyes. It may be attributed to a subconscious reaction but it does indicate that the player is about to attack post glancing at the chips.

7.    Peeking the hole cards on Flop

When the poker board is showing something like three card flush draw, some players are bound to have a glimpse of the hole cards. This happens to see whether the concerned player’s one of the cards is connecting or not.

8.    The repetitive pattern of betting

A player can show some habitual patterns every time while betting in particular situations, by reading which it is easy to asses him.

9.    The body posture/attitude

This indicates a lot. When a player is not at a good position, his shoulders may droop, or when he has a strong hand he will have a rejoicing expression.

10.    The chip stacking

It is important to notice the ways chips are being stacked at the beginning of the game. Though it may be said a way too general theory, but novices maintain unorganized stacks while the pros keep neat stacks.

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