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Maximizing Your Value in a Tournament

Whether you like to play roulette or poker, it is critical to try get loads of chips in a very short amount of time. Players that win a tournament win because they were able to accumulate a lot of chips in a short time and avoid loosing a lot of chips. Maximizing your value in a poker tournament is important and here we are going to discuss just that. Recognizing the types of opponents that you are up against and playing against them accordingly would help you do just that.

Keep an open mind when you are trying to evaluate any opponent. Based on how your opponents act and how they play their hands you can very well make out what category they fall into and accordingly decide how you should be playing against them. Here are a few general stereotypes that would give you an idea on how to get started with it.


The players who are younger in age are generally more familiar with playing internet poker which would mean that they would raise a lot, place smaller bets, do a lot of pre flop bets and do lots of re stealing. The middle aged players would generally be the ones who would play a straight forward game. They do not generally play in the bigger pots but they do bluff a lot in the small pots. They would also get aggressive every now and then. The older ones generally are very conservative players; they would think a lot before playing and would get irritated by the younger players. They do not like to have their hands raised and would try to show their superiority whenever possible. Again, these are just generalizations and there would be some exceptions in each of these categories which you would need to be able to spot.

Clothes and Jewelry

Clothes and jewelry that the players wear would give you a lot of idea on the kind of player you are up against. Guys wearing loud t-shirts that boast of their poker capabilities or the ones who wear suits to poker games are generally not very advanced players. And if you see a player with a lot of flashy bling it is a sign of aggression. These players would never fold a good hand and it would be difficult for you to bluff them. But you can easily get them to call on your hands. A lot of what the players wear and portray on the outside is a sign of their personality.

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The kind of friends a player has would also give you some ideas. If a player has friends that are all poker studs than he/she probably be one as well. If you come across someone who doesn’t seem to know anyone in the tournament at all then chances are that the player is new to the scene and would be easy to defeat.

Behavior on the table

How a player behaves on the table is also very important. Someone who is very meticulous in how they arrange their chips would be a very conservative player. And a player who messily shoves aside his chips would be a reckless one, just like as at online roulette games. How one handles chips and bets can easily tell you about what background they come from. You should also look for other signs like whether or not they look at their hands a lot, if they look relaxed or if they do not seem to care too much.

Before you even start playing the game you would need to observe everyone very closely and get an idea of their characters and traits. Start with the ones that are totally stereotypes but make sure that you play close attention to how they play each hand and keep it in mind. Look out for their reactions and their body language. You can use all of that information to get an idea of how they actually play their game. Games change and people also change from time to time so you would need to be pretty quick in figuring out a player and then play your cards accordingly.

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